Self Care Bundle


Something we often forget is that we need to put ourselves first. This Self Care bundle contains all the perfect essential oil blends to take those moments of self-care and really boost them. Help your body, mind and spirit be rejuvenated with these blends of lavender, copaiba and citrus. Loaded with Calm the Farm and Sleepy Time to help you relax, this also makes the perfect gift for your family or friends who need to take some time out for themself.

Your Self Care Bundle includes these beautiful products:

Calm the Farm Spray –  Spray in the room after a stressful situation where kids (or adults!) might need to settle down.

Calm Me Inhaler – For those moments you need to take a chill pill, this nasal inhaler can calm & reduce irritability.

Calm the Farm Adults Roller Bottle – Can assist with grounding, lessen anxiety and provide a sense of calm.

Sleepy Time Adults Roller Bottle –  Help you wind you down after the day and put your mind at ease for a restfull and deeper sleep.

Mood Lift Roller Bottle – Assist to increase confidence and feelings of self-worth, cleanse your spirit and assist with boosting your happy levels.

Flores Fragrance  – Our first product in my range of natural perfume alternatives.  Can assist to calm your feelings, emotions and uplift your spirits!



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Self care is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your body and your mind. Share this special gift with someone that needs a reminder of how special they are and could use the encouragement to use these beautiful products to assist with their daily self care routine.

At Bella Oils, we use only eco-friendly packaging when preparing your gift. Your  Self Care Bundle will be lovingly presented in a fully recyclable white gift box, filled with wood wool to ensure your gift arrives in perfect condition and sprinkled with dried rose petals to show the extra love!


NOTE: Our products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any specific illness.  We encourage you to consult with wholistic medical professionals to ensure you are using oils that are safe for your specific circumstances.  This product contains essential oils that may not be suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, contact us so we can make a suitable custom product just for you!


DIRECTIONS, SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS AND INGREDIENTS: Click on the hyperlinks for the gift box inclusions & refer to details included on each product page.


KEEPING YOU SAFE: While great care is taken in developing the blends, all products are to be used at your own risk. Please remember we are all unique humans with different skin and tolerances. We recommend that you complete a spot test several hours prior to using a product to its full application. If irritation is experienced whilst using Bella Oils products please seek immediate medical advice, discontinue use & advise Bella Oils of the situation. Please do your research prior to using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. For external use only. Keep out of reach from small children. Be cautious when applying near furniture or fabric. Use and store away from naked flames. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water. Always ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after application.


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