If you’re reading this then you are probably curious about the benefits of essential oils, or maybe you already know and are looking for just the right product…. well here it is!

Bella Oils is a small family business based in Lake Macquarie, NSW.  We make bespoke Aromatherapy products with 100% Pure Quality Essential Oils. So, they not only smell amazing, they are really effective… all you need to do is try them, what have you got to lose?

Firstly, let me tell you a little about my journey & what inspired me to start Bella Oils. I started using Essential Oils to assist with my own complex health issues, which include both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Fibromyalgia.  Since starting my Essential Oil journey, the improvements to my body, mind & spirit have truly amazed both myself & my medical team. My bespoke Magnesium Spray with Essential Oils  & Go Away Pain have helped me to manage the pain associated with my Fibromyalgia, whilst the Energy Buzz Nasal Inhaler & Calm the Farm range has assisted with my CFS. I am on a very holistic health journey, learning everyday about the treasures of natural products & the harm that chemicals can place on our bodies.  I have learnt about the damage chemicals & processed items can do to our systems which is why I am promote watching what we put on & in our bodies, we only get one body so we need to love & nurture it!

After discovering how effective the blends I was creating were in assisting me with my health needs I became passionate to share them with the world! I handcraft convenient & affordable Essential Oil products to enhance your lifestyle & get you through the day more comfortably. So that, you can have the peace of mind that you’re looking after your whole family naturally…. even your dog!

Bella Oils specialises in Aromatherapy blends that assist with busy minds, discomfort & general wellbeing.”. Our range also encompasses products that assist with sleep, focus, mood, immunity & headaches. Our products include Nasal Inhalers, Roller Bottles, Sprays, Balms & even a Calm Doggy Spray which is increasingly popular! I have an adults & child’s range, there is something for everyone!

I know a lot of people believe essential oils are “a bit hippy”; but we nourish our bodies with fruits, vegetables & seeds all provided by Mother Nature every day. So why not experience the potential benefits provided by the concentrated versions of these same plants in the form of Essential Oils!

A lot of people don’t have the time to create their own Essential Oil products.  Or, have an abundance of Essential Oils stashed away in their cupboard, with good intention to make a blend however are unsure which oils to use for their purpose, can’t create something that smells good or don’t have the time. Lucky, I have done all this for you, you can thank me later!

I develop all recipes myself & I believe you will be receiving a unique & effective product! After I formulate a new product my lucky family, friends & customers get to trial them for a few months & provide me with feedback.  I believe in my products because not only do they provide amazing benefits for me, I also receive an abundance of positive feedback from customers impressed with the effectiveness & benefits they receive from the products which you can read here.

If you are new to the oily world I am always here to chat to you about the most suitable products for your needs & the most economical way to purchase them.

I have such a passion to help others, I genuinely hope that my products can bring you what you need.  Our purpose is to provide all natural, convenient & affordable Essential Oil products to enhance your lifestyle & support you throughout your day. We want you to flourish in this beautiful life we have been offered the privilege to live.



Through Happiness, Health & Harmony,



Owner and Chief Blend Designer