Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends

For Adults

Bella Oils Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends for Adults contain an adult strength combination of essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. The active chemical compounds of the essential oils are ‘carried’ by the fractionated coconut oil, allowing the remedies to easily absorb into the skin so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Here at Bella Oils, we carry our roller bottles EVERYWHERE! They are so compact, convenient & ready to use that we find ourselves reaching for them several times throughout the day… and night!

One of the top googled phrases in the past few years is “essential oils stress” I hear you, I know it’s been a tough few years. Let us help balance you with our unique essential oils

As many of us are moving to support our health and wellbeing naturally we have also handcrafted immune support essential oil blends, sleep supports, mood boosters and so much more. Let us help support you not just “get through the day” let us help you thrive baby!

Calming Essential Oils

You may have noticed we have a lot of anxiety essential oils. I learnt first hand how challenging it can be living with anxiety so I wanted to ensure I created a calming essential oil blend for all ages.. even for your dog!


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Sleepy Time | Adults | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Stiff & Sore | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Calm The Farm – Adult | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Head Tension | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Immune – Adults | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


High vibes | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Bundle & Save on your Roller Bottles


Zero In | Concentration | Essential Oil Roller Bottle


Flores fragrance | Essential Oil Perfume Roller Bottle


Custom Essential Oil Roller Bottle, Spray blend or Diffuser Oil