Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends

For Children

Bella Oils Children’s Roller Blends are a combination of essential oils and use fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil. Each blend is made to order according to your child’s age to ensure an effective and suitable potency.

Note that these products are not suitable for children under 12 months of age without professional consultation.

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Bundle & Save on your Roller Bottles


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We all LOVE a saving!  So here’s one just for you!

Choose any 5 roller bottles from the adult &/or child roller bottle range and recieve $15 off your total!

Calm the Farm ~ Child


or 4 payments of $5.00 with Afterpay

Stress has become an everyday thing, both as an adult and a child it can freeze you in your tracks or set your pulse racing, but either one makes your day harder to get through. As a mother I believe kids should be out playing & enjoying their life, not filling their little minds with worry, that’s why I created this blend!

Mother Nature sure knew there would be days like these, and I have created a calming scent from all the key ingredients to help you lower your stress, re-claim your calm & find balance. This versatile scent can be used as a roller, spray or softly diffused.

With the soft notes of Copaiba, Wild Orange, Blue Tansy and Ylang Ylang, this floral yet lightly woody scent will help transport you to your place of Zen and you can get back to tackling the day, head-on.


I experience first hand how challenging stress & anxiety can be, so I developed a Calm Range which includes; Essential oil roller bottles for adults  a diffuser blend, a Calm the Farm spray & a  Calm me nasal inhaler



Fight The Bugs Immune Support~ Child


or 4 payments of $5.00 with Afterpay

Help your child kick those sniffles to the curb using the best of nature’s tool kit – citrus, clove, cinnamon and rosemary – while enjoying the head cleansing aroma of fresh eucalyptus oil. Breathing in this revitalising oil will help build up that immunity to everyday bugs and germs.

Want your own immunity boost? We have a version of Fight the Bugs to support you!

Note: Child blends are made to order, please specify the child’s age in the comments field when ordering to ensure I create an effective and suitable potency. Suitable for children from 12 months of age.




Sleepy Time ~ Child


or 4 payments of $5.00 with Afterpay

Are you winning the war of Bedtime with your kids?

Are you over the daily battle of trying to get your little ones to fall sleep?

The Sleepy Time roller for children is convenient for your child to pop on as part of their night routine and help them  peacefully glide into sleep.

Since my daughter was 2 years old, she learned to have the night time routine of brushing her teeth, choosing a night time story and putting her Sleepy Time roller on and enjoy its soft aroma. It’s been the best starting lessons for teaching her self-care and how easy it is, even for kids, with 100% natural products.

This blend is full of benefits as each oil is so versatile – its calming, it soothes anxiety and stress and will have them dreaming of gorgeous, fragrant lavender fields that stretch for miles.

This blend is also available in adult strength and in our kids care bundle





Kids Care Bundle

$58.00 $48.00

or 4 payments of $12.00 with Afterpay

Keeping our little ones happy and well is so important to us and I feel doing it naturally is just as vital. We have popped all of our child friendly essential oil blends into one neat little parcel for you. Help them stave off those nasty bugs, sleep well and restfully and keep calm during the day!

Please advise at purchase the age of your child, so the blend potency can be tailored for you.


Your Bella Oils Kids Care Bundle includes:

Calm the Farm Child Roller Bottle – To assist with grounding and providing a sense of calm.

Fight the Bugs Immune Boost Child Roller Bottle – To help protect their immunity to everyday bugs and germs.

Sleepy Time Child Roller Bottle – Calm their little minds and bodies and wind down faster to create a restful and deeper sleep.



Winter Wellness for the Family


or 4 payments of $17.50 with Afterpay

Help keep your family healthy (naturally!) this winter or spring with the Winter wellness bundle. No more chemical packed remedies, the power of mother nature has the ability to heal tremendously when given the chance!  This includes our Fight the Bugs range to support you and your children. We also include our vapour balm and Bella Decongesta, both not only smell divine but will also help keep your airways happy.  Take a few deep breaths, to that perfect balance of eucalyptus, mint and lemon to open your airways.

Keeping your family healthy can be convenient, natural and cost effective with this bundle.


Bella Oils Winter Wellness for the Family bundle includes:

Fight the Bugs Adult and Child Immunity Roller Bottles – blends of oils that those germies just don’t like!

Since childcare age my daughter has applied this roller to herself each morning and night to protect her from all those bodily fluids and germs they like to frequently share when they are young. Especially in winter, she places it  on the soles of her feet prior to bed each night to protect her immune system, and now she hardly gets sick!

Vapour Balm – Assist to ease your symptoms and open your airways so you can breath in the fresh air again!

Bella Decongesta Nasal Inhaler – Can help to clear your airways, unblock a stuffy nose