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Tianna Valerie Sadler
Newcastle, NSW

Bought the luxe balm for my pregnant belly in hopes to nourish my skin and prevent as best as possible to get a lot of stretch marks. The luxe balm has worked amazingly and love that Kristen had suggested the product for me to use. Love that it is natural, love the scent and how…
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Nicole Gleeson
Newcastle, NSW

Bella Oil products are amazing! Im slowly adding them all to my collection. I love each and everyone for myself and 10yo daughter. She’s always used the calm the farm in situations at school where she might start to feel anxious (that ‘I have a pain in the belly ‘ experience) and also the sleepy…
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Tina Eldridge
Newcastle, NSW

Bella Oils products, especially the “stiff and sore” roller and Magnesium spray, are AMAZING! Great fragrance, but more importantly they have given me relief from the pain of osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis.
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Vicki Poretti
Newcastle, NSW

Our fur baby Jett is much calmer during storms when we use the Doggy Calm Spray..Highly recommend 🐾

Lexie Lou
Newcastle, NSW

Bella Oils have been a lovely addition to our household. I am particularly impressed with the Calm Doggy Spray! Our pup is a very active boy and can get overly excited when we have guests over. I spray it on his dog bed and he loves to lay on it and will have a rest.…
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Brodie Butler
Newcastle, NSW

After using the oils myself and how much my family and myself enjoyed them I thought I would try the calm doggy spray for my dog Lillie who is petrified of storms It has calmed her right down and has definitely taken the edge off for her Highly recommend the whole range Thanks Kristen x…
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Katy Chen
Newcastle, NSW

The calming dog spray is amazing. I tried it on my 10 year old pooch who is always so nervous and anxious of thunderstorms and fireworks. Definitely helped him calm down and i loved the smell of all the essential oils. Highly recommend!

Brooke Groves
Newcastle, NSW

I’ve always suffered with dry skin especially in the colder months which has made me resort to using steroid creams. When I was at the markets I decided to take a chance and get the luxe oil and give it a go, I’m so thankful not only have I stopped using the steroid cream but…
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Aleesha White
Newcastle, NSW

I was not only excited to photograph your product but actually use it. When I leave the house I feel our dogs get very anxious and because of that they chew everything and always make a mess everywhere. Since using the spray before we go out we return home to no mess. I tested this…
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Lisa Zed
St Ives, NSW

My kids and I use these beautiful oils and they really help so much. I use the ‘calm the farm spray’ and the kids have been using ‘sleepy time’ and ‘fight the bugs’. Beautiful scents and so calming.

Ally Mead
Hunter Valley, NSW

I bought the Ease the Aches pack and it has been AMAZING! As someone who gets a lot of headaches, the head tension roller has been an absolute lifesaver. I was never someone who believed in oils before but I am converted since trying the Bella Oils products. The magnesium spray and ease the aches…
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Amanda Power
Newcastle, NSW

Highly recommend the Calm Doggy Spray. Our 70 kilo dog normally freaks out during thunderstorms. He normally is barking, panting & running around. But with the Calm Doggy Spray he is relaxed and one super chilled out dog. We love this product. Thank you Bella Oils! ❤️🐾🐾

Jess JH
Newcastle, NSW

Highly recommend the anxiety spray for doggos. My dog is extremely anxious during storms- pacing the house and hiding. I spray it on her before a storm and she just lies in her bed without fretting.

Taylor Jade
Newcastle, NSW

Honestly bella oils is just amazing! I was never in to oils but now I’m completely obsessed. Honestly when I’m feeling tired I have the buzz oil for energy and I’m good for another half an hour 👌🏽 My girlfriends who have not tried bella oils yet are not convinced so I need to get…
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Liz Morley
Newcastle, NSW

We bought the dog spray as it was recommended by a pet shop for us to use on Kora for when she is stressed by storms or when we go out.it works well and will be buying it again.thank you for a great product
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Chelsea Eve
Newcastle, NSW

All of Bella Oils products are super high quality, and you can tell that so much thought has been put into every single one. My favourite oils are the ‘Stiff and Sore’ blend and the Magnesium spray – lifesavers for sore muscles and they smell so lovely!

Sarah Jayne O’Hara
Newcastle, NSW

highly recommend! I bought some sleepy time oil for my 8mth old, which Kristen made according to his age. works very well! and smells amazing! the oils are well priced as well. 5 stars!

CasieBrendon Campbell
Newcastle, NSW

Thanks so much for your Sleep Oil. My 10year is sleeping so much better now and it’s only been a week 😁😁❤️❤️ Thanks so much Bella Oils Amazing results

Amie Harry
Newcastle, NSW

Wonderful natural product. The specially made magnesium spray for my pregnancy pain has been fabulous, I can now sleep better at night and the pain eases as soon as I use it. I’ve also used the Calm Doggy Spray to settle my crazy Staffy and it works a treat! Thank you 😊

Jess Whatman
Newcastle, NSW

The mozzie spray is amazing! It not only smells wonderful but is efficient in repelling the hoards. Also great to put on bites also!

Gemma Pilley
Port Stephens, NSW

I purchased the migraine oil and mosquito spray for my daughter. She is so happy will the products as they are very effective and smell amazing. Kristen was incredibly helpful and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend Bella Oils. Thank you Kristen.

Abby Penfold
Tingira Heights, NSW

I was recommended this product from a close friend to give it a try, I wasn’t expecting much improvements with my boy but thought to give it a shot. I purchased this product a few weeks ago wanted to wait for a little while to try the product out before I write a review.. I…
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Renee Moore
Cardiff NSW, Owner of Renee Moore Photographer

Since my German Shepherd Zion has been using Bella Oils – For Body, Mind & Spirit Calm Doggy Spray for her diagnosed anxiety, she has been able to go out more often and is calmer and less stressed. 10 pumps on her backbone area an hour prior to going out and then another 10 sprays…
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Emily Clement
CARDIFF NSW, Owner of Bliss Box Australia and Stockist of Bella Oils products

The most amazing products and service! The products work so well, but also aren’t overpowering. I’m obsessed 💛

Tracey Baker
Owner of Snippets Dog Grooming & Bella Oils stockist, Cardiff NSW:

I highly recommend Bella Oils. I frequently use & sell the Doggy Calm Spray. We have had extremely good results with this product.

Karen Ford
Regular Customer NSW

I recommend the calm doggy spray it’s the best product that I have ever use on a very stressed out toy poodle she is two years old and on medicine to calm her down we have cut out the medicine as she doesn’t need it now, regards Mabel mum thanks Kristen

Scott Doyle
Toronto Veterinary Clinic - Bella Oils stockist Toronto NSW

Please watch this short video of speaking of his success with this product.
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Alison Iles
Glendale, NSW

Alison Iles – Glendale, NSW Bella Oils calm doggy spray has been a god send to our family. Our nine year old highly anxious Rough Collie is a nervous wreck travelling in the car. He continuously pants, excessively salivates all over the seats, emits obnoxious smells and refuses to eat during entire camping trips away…
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Lynette Miller
Regular Customer QLD

 Lynette Miller – regular customer QLD “Bella Oils help me sleep sooo much better. This morning i woke at 3.30am… tried so many things to get back to sleep, ie: relaxation techniques, beautiful music etc but it was not happening so i contemplated getting up at 4.30am to go to my computer and start work….this…
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Peter Urch
Booragul NSW

I’ve been using Calm Doggy Spray for over a year on my 9 yr old Shar Pei. I spray him a few times as soon as thunderstorms are evident and now he is a lot calmer. He used to shake and fret to the extent I thought he would have a heart attack. I also…
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Claire Ingram
Artarmon, NSW

Very beautiful and well packaged products. The differently scented inhalers have been helpful for little moments of more brain clarity in the day.

Rose Mary
Fennel Bay, NSW

Beautifully fragranced oils. Beautifully packaged. Easy to administer. Lovely customer service. Starting to experience better sleep.

Lynette Miller
South Maclean, QLD

Thank you Kristen for sending me the “Calm Me” inhaler. I spent the day in front of my computer working on our Activity Statement for the ATO and when things didn’t go right with my calculations, interrupting phone calls (which needed my attention), motorbikes and dogs trying to make as much noise as they could…..i…
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Chadai Baldacchino
New Lambton, NSW

I was lucky enough to win a Bella Oils pack including 3 roll ons and 2 inhalers and they are amazing! The headache tension roll on helps with my regular headaches and smells devine. I’ll be a returning customer for sure.

Jacqui Barham
Neutral Bay, NSW

As a newbie to Oils, Kristen’s passion and knowledge had me curious. I now use “sleepy time” every night and enjoy a hit of “focus” during the day. Knocked out with a cold this winter I started using the Vapour rub…I like it so much I still use it regularly! Really reasonably priced and very…
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Linda Ellen
Mackay QLD

From ordering to receiving my products I have had wonderful customer service. I received my products wrapped with such care. We have been using Bella Oils and loving the results i am feeling fantastic!. Highly recommend to everyone ❤

Adriana Avellis
Neutral Bay, NSW

Fantastic and safe solution for aches and pains – wonderful products!

Kathy Bradley
Fletcher, NSW

I recently bought a bottle of Bella Oils Head Tension. I love it! It smells wonderful and definitely helps sooth away my headaches. It is beautifully packaged with excellent directions for use.

Sara Chaplin
Palm Beach, NSW

Amazing oils for my entire family, bub included

Michelle Copede
Callaghan NSW

I really love the oils. Their beautiful smell make me relaxed. I recommend them for sure!

Tom N Pauline Jones
Pokolbin NSW

We are loving our essential oil blends! Kristen was so helpful & happy to share information. Thank you!

Teena-Maree Tipper
Central Coast NSW

Bella Oils are a godsend! They really do help my whole family! Even my fur babies ❤❤ Could not do without them

Thalia Luntayao
Lilydale VIC

I can’t tell you how much I love Bella Oils! Kristen has put so much of herself into her oils and as a result has come up with the most beautiful smelling remedies that myself and my family use. My son has been sick this past week and he loves when I use the “winter…
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Kara Sefo
Cardiff NSW

I would definitely recommend these oils! I am OBSESSED with the sleep oil! I have a baby that wakes at night and I can’t get back to sleep, but after using this oil I’m asleep in minutes. I also love the mosquito spray in summer it feels fantastic knowing that my family isn’t sprayed with…
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Christy Standen
Minmi NSW

Got the calm the farm pack at a school fundraiser we had for our school ,been using claim the farm for a few weeks now. & Absolutely love it. Got the pack which is fantastic with the room spray.

Julie Staples
Newcastle NSW

I recently purchased Bella Oils Calming Dog Spray for my Mum’s Border Collie who hates storms and is a very nervous dog. It’s worked wonders with him and he gets ready for the oil spray as soon as the weather changes. Mum had always used lavender with him but this spray has made a big…
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Denise Lucas
Kilaben Bay NSW

Thanks Kristen for the roll-on Essential Oils. I gave a couple away as gifts and my friends really loved them. I am using Calm the Farm, the scent is lovely and it is great for relaxing. I also appreciated the cute little Christmas gift tags that came with my oils. Thanks so much.

Alicia Leonard
Warners Bay NSW

I am really enjoying using Bella Oils “calm the farm” and “head tension”. They are great for relaxing me before yoga and I enjoy the aroma for the rest of the day. Thanks Kristen!

Peter Becklar
Manly NSW

So happy with my amazing products from Bella Oils! Loving the Magnesium Spray after training and I already need another bottle of calm the farm.