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All our natural & vegan skincare products are bursting with botanical ingredients & handcrafted with love. Our luxurious balm is enriched with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to gift your skin with nourishment, hydration, and soothing blessings. Infused with a synergy of Essential Oils that helps you feel calm, grounded & deserving of this luxurious self care ritual.

I’ve handcrafted the recipe so all our natural body products rub in quickly & don’t leave you oily. Instead, you can be divinely treated with soft hydrated skin with a luxurious delicate floral aroma.

Close your eyes, and let the fragrance and relaxing sensation transport your mind to a day spa in Fiji.

I want you to feel and smell like the glorious human that you are!

Prefer an oil?  Divine goddess is similar scent profile in a bath and body oil.

To protect the consistency of this balm ensure its left out of heat and direct sunlight.



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Uses for our natural & vegan skincare products

One of my aims with our delicious natural & vegan products is to encourage people to become more sustainable, both our hand & body creams can be used as a;

  • Full body moisturiser
  • Natural hand cream
  • Foot and heal balm
  • Night cream
  • Lip balm
  • Nourish any dry skin on your stunning body (external skin only please!)

Best cream to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

The Results are in from tianna.v “Absolutely love love love this product! During my pregnancy I was on the hunt for a GREAT product to help nourish my skin to minimise the amount of stretch marks and this product did exactly that! Bonus it smells the absolute best. I am currently 5 months postpartum and still use this daily, and going to continue doing so on my skin to give my skin all the goodness it deserves. Thank you Kristen x”

Why choose Bella Oils

I have lived with a chronic illness for 15 years and have learned firsthand about the importance of looking after yourself and your family naturally.

On my journey of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, I mastered my recipes as I wanted to have something to support me throughout my day with my relentless fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain, and brain fog. After realising the benefits the products were having in reducing my symptoms I became passionate about sharing my products with other people with blind conditions such as mine.

You deserve to enjoy essential oils that:

  • Contain 100% Pure Essential Oils – no fillers or synthetic ingredients at all
  • Handmade by our family in our Newcastle, NSW studio – #supportlocal
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Made with love hoping the oils will improve your life as much as they have improved ours.


Massage a small amount onto any part of your glorious body; hands, face, lips, feet, full body!


Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla wax, fractionated coconut oil, refined coconut oil, 100% Pure Premium Essential Oils (Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Juniper Berry)

The beauty of each ingredient

Organic Shea Butter: deeply moisturizing and nourishing ingredient that helps replenish and soothe dry skin.

Candelilla Wax: a natural wax that provides a protective barrier, locking in moisture and preventing dehydration of the skin.

Fractionated Coconut Oil: lightweight and easily absorbed oil that helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

Refined Coconut Oil: adds extra moisture and promotes softness in the skin while providing a pleasant texture to the balm.

Geranium essential oil; nourishes the skin with its balancing properties,

 Lavender essential oil; provides skin nourishment and soothing relief, 

Ylang Ylang essential oil; offers hydration and balance, 

Peppermint essential oil; invigorates and refreshes the skin, 

Juniper Berry essential oil;  supports skin health by providing cleansing and clarifying effects.

Keeping you and your oils safe

Store your glorious Essential Oil products away from direct heat & sunlight. These products are not like red wine, they will not improve with oxidation, in fact, it could damage the oil properties so please keep your lids firmly closed at all times to prevent oxidation & possible leaks. The products are also too precious to be used as toys so please supervise child use.

MEDICAL ADVICE: Our products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any specific illness. We encourage you to consult with wholistic medical professionals to ensure you are using oils that are safe for your specific circumstances.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding discuss the use of this product & its ingredients with your medical team prior to using this product as not all Essential Oils are safe during pregnancy/labour/post-partum.
If you need to avoid any particular oils contact us so we can make a suitable custom product just for you!

KEEPING YOU SAFE: While great care is taken in developing the blends, all products are used at your own risk. Please remember we are all unique humans with different skin and tolerances. We recommend that you complete a spot test 24hrs hours prior to using a product to its full application. If irritation is experienced, please seek immediate medical advice, discontinue use & advise Bella Oils of the situation. For external use only. Keep out of reach from small children. Be cautious when applying near furniture or fabric. Use and store away from naked flames. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with milk. Always ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after application.

6 reviews for Luxe | Hand, Body & Face Balm

  1. Brooke Groves

    I’ve always suffered with dry skin especially in the colder months which has made me resort to using steroid creams. When I was at the markets I decided to take a chance and get the luxe oil and give it a go, I’m so thankful not only have I stopped using the steroid cream but my face is absolutely loving it and absorbs every last drop I put on and wow the smell is so amazing

  2. jasmincarman

    This luxe balm is what my skin desperately needs, especially in harsh weather conditions! From the dry heat of summer to cold of winter, this balm is perfect to moisturise my skin. I have also used in on my tattoos to keep them moisturised and fresh. This balm is beautiful and thick.

    • Bella Oils

      Hi Jasmin, I appreciate your feedback so much! Isn’t the Luxe Balm divine! so nourishing1 Love reading that you used it on your tattoos to help nourish the skin afterwards. Thanks again

  3. tianna.v

    Absolutely love love love this product! During my pregnancy I was on the hunt for a GREAT product to help nourish my skin to minimise the amount of stretch marks and this product did exactly that! Bonus it smells the absolute best. I am currently 5 months postpartum and still use this daily, and going to continue doing so on my skin to give my skin all the goodness it deserves. Thank you Kristen x

    • Bella Oils

      Hi Tianna, that’s incredible! So great that you used our natural product to avoid getting stretch marks in your pregnancy! And your totally right, it’s so special to give your skin the “goodness it deserves”! We really appreciate your support xx Kristen

  4. Janelle Walsh

    I have been using the Luxe balm on my hands and feet when they are extremely dry for a few months now as I’ve found it to be one of the few things that actually work.
    With the cold winter wind and spending a lot of time outdoors, I have been experiencing severe windburn on my face to the point that my lips and corners of my mouth were continually cracking and wouldn’t heal. Out of desperation, I have tried the luxe balm on my face, and it was literally the only thing that has helped. I had thought the balm would be too oily on my face but it melted with body heat and absorbed quite well.
    I can’t recommend this highly enough.

    • Bella Oils

      Janelle! This is incredible results! thank you so much for sharing this feedback, so fab to hear how much the spray worked after you trying so many other things. I love to pop it on my face every few nights as a night cream as the products don’t clog my pores – Just tie your hair back first (unlesss you want it to be nourished as well, lol) Thanks again, we reeally apppreciate your continued support

  5. ruthslade19

    This is my other favourite product, and it has helped me sleep, so well and made my skin feel divine. It’s even gentle enough to use on my son when he’s having trouble sleeping. Not only does it make my skin feel irresistibly soft, but it also has a heavenly scent that lingers all day. Plus, it’s highly absorbent and doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind.

    • Bella Oils

      Hi Ruth , LOVE that your enjoying the Luxe Hand and Body Balm, isn’t it a treat before bed! I lather myself for a better nights sleep too! Those soft florals are dreamy!
      Yes, it is a beautiful consistency. I was cautious when making it that I needed it to soak in nicely and not leave any extra greasy feeling! Thanks for the feedback

  6. Lynette Miller – South Mclean QLD

    This is my favourite product for me. It sits beside my bed and I use it on my hands every night and then wipe it on my face….the smell is divine and I feel “spoiled” when using it as it is my treat for me. It nourishes my old dry skin immensely…lol. I don’t look after my feet very well and they get very dry and heel splits so i am trying to get in the habit of putting it on my feet at night too so they can get nourished too.

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