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Luxe Balm


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Looking for the ultimate night in?

Bubble Bath? Check.

Cup of tea or bubbles? Check.

Post-Bath spa Luxe Balm? Check!

This refreshing and stimulating balm for your skin is the perfect ending for your pamper evening. The florally, relaxing aromas of Geranium and Lavender essential oils will not only rehydrate your skin but will also help ease your stress to top off the perfect self-care night in. Just apply the balm, close your eyes, and let the fragrance and relaxing sensation transport your mind to a day spa in Fiji.

The Luxe Balm is also a perfect balm for nourishing and softening dry skin. Our hands especially need some luxe balm love as we are all using sanitisers more frequently these days, drying them out. Luxe can assist to get that moister back into your hands.

Want theΒ  ultimate self care treat for yourself? We have the answer with our affordable and luxurious new gift box containing this luscious Luxe balm, Calm the Farm Roller, Sleepy Time Roller and for the ultimate start to the next day – our Happy Spray!




Vapour Balm

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Prefer a crisp, clean scent for your skin? Something with a little zing and energises you with every breath you inhale it? This balm not only revitalises when you aren’t feeling tip top, it can also make you feel cool, calm and collected. Its heady aroma will have you thinking of a refreshing, crystal clear waterfall in the Australian bushland.

More than just a balm for clearing the airways, this, peaceful and refreshing balm can not only help with that nasty sniffles, the lavender kick can assist you get a good nights sleep too.

Our Vapour Balm can help ease your symptoms so you can breathe more comfortably in no time with its well-balanced eucalyptus and peppermint scents to open those airways.

Looking to support the whole family next winter? The added value gift set – Winter Wellness for the Family – contains this balm, a Fight the Bugs roller for both adults and kids and the 100% natural inhaler – Bella Decongesta. Wellness support for the whole family.