Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends

For Adults

Bella Oils Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends for Adults contain an adult strength combination of essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. The active chemical compounds of the essential oils are ‘carried’ by the fractionated coconut oil, allowing the remedies to easily absorb into the skin so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Here at Bella Oils, we carry our roller bottles EVERYWHERE! They are so compact, convenient & ready to use that we find ourselves reaching for them several times throughout the day… and night!

One of the top googled phrases in the past few years is “essential oils stress” I hear you, I know it’s been a tough few years. Let us help balance you with our unique essential oils

As many of us are moving to support our health and wellbeing naturally we have also handcrafted immune support essential oil blends, sleep supports, mood boosters and so much more. Let us help support you not just “get through the day” let us help you thrive baby!

Calming Essential Oils

You may have noticed we have a lot of anxiety essential oils. I learnt first hand how challenging it can be living with anxiety so I wanted to ensure I created a calming essential oil blend for all ages.. even for your dog!


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essential oils to help with pain Australia

Stiff & Sore | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



One of the main side effects of my ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia is pain, so I developed this 100% natural essential oil roller bottle for  natural pain relief my everyday aches, pains and tension. I love that it’s powerful – yet gentle on the body & ready to use so I can roll it on my targeted areas of pain.

So many of our customer love how Compact our aromatherapy roller bottles allowing them to access pain relief anytime, anywhere.

Looking for something to rub into your tired, sore muscles?  Try our NEW Magnesum muscle Balm, it has the same essential oil blend as this roller, however in a balm to rub into those sore spots!



best essential oil for sleep bella oils

Sleepy Time | Adults | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Experience restful sleep effortlessly with our luxury pure Essential Oil blend for Sleep. This glorious aromatherapy blend is a new recipe packed with the best essential oils for deeper & more revitalised sleep. Even though with my ME/CFS I’m constantly fatigued I sometimes have trouble winding down by busy mind or getting into a deeper sleep. I LOVE this blend can help both those things.

This grounding & stress-soothing aroma enhances calmness to help insomnia and promote relaxation for those seeking natural remedies for sleep

The delicately floral & woody scent suits both genders, making it a perfect natural gift idea handmade in Australia. It helps you dream of fragrant lavender fields for miles!

I suggest to keep this handy ready to use roller bottle on your bedside table, for those prone to night waking pop it on as soon as you get up to give the oils a chance to start working their magic to help you get back to those sweet dreams.

Available in adult and child strengths and featured in various gift sets, Sleepy Time roller bottles are your natural remedy for a peaceful night’s sleep & to treat insomnia naturally. Magnesium also has properties to help you sleep, have you checked out our Magnesium Oil Spray? They are both my go to products for a deeper, more restful sleep.



how to get rid of a headache fast

Head Tension | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



I created this recipe when my husband was searching for solutions on how to get rid of a headache & mild migraine fast. He has experienced them for years & I wanted to reduce the medication he was talking so we could manage them naturally. 

Our luxury Essential oil blend is handcrafted with a blend of essential oils known for their headache and tension relieving properties. It’s a perfect ready to use aromatherapy roller bottle ready to give you that on-the-go relief so you can think again!

You may be searching for natural ways to get rid of a hangover?  It’s funny when we do  markets at the vineyards how many people visit our stand when overindulging in the vino!

One of the faves for customers to purchase as a natural perfume – even when they don’t need headache relief!



essential oils for calm and relaxation Australiaessential oils for calming Roller Bottle

Calm The Farm – Adult | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Discover tranquility with our calm the farm – adult | essential oil roller bottle.

Our signature scent blend of essential oils perfect for quietening & calming the mind.

Ready to use in a luxury 10ml essential oil roller bottle, it’s your zen bff for grounding & relaxation on the go.

Let us assist you in restoring your inner peace and serenity. Our roller bottle is compact and versatile, perfect for keeping in your handbag, on your bedside table, or in your office drawer.

Calming essential oil blends are one of our specialties, I personally know how challenging stress & anxiety can be. I created this recipe after a journey searching for the best essential oils and products for anxiety relief. I was having constant panic attacks & needed a solution stat! I’m so proud of the result, this scent has brought be down from a panic / anxiety attack or prevented one more times than I can count.

I have developed this stress-relief blend keeping in mind that people of all pronouns need support to relax and ground themselves. It’s the perfect synergy of botanical, citrus and earthy tones.

Let us bring you peace and transport you to your favourite calming day spa or happy place. Massage the nervous system and maintain calm and balance throughout the day.


natural health remediesnatural immune system suppor

Immune – Adults | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Kick germs to the curb using the best of nature’s immune support tool kit!
Boost your natural imune system support with our ready to use Essential Oil Roller Bottle. 

We previously had a natural immune support blend called “fight the bugs”, ive recently made the recipe even more effective and freshened it up with a relatable name change.

The pure Essential oil blend I have selected for this new recipe can act as a powerful natural immune booster that helps fend off sickness. 

I like to apply this roller bottle when I am feeling run down to help me fight off potential bugs that I don’t need in my life!


Say goodbye to unwanted bugs and germs, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you!


essential oil roller bottle australia.

Bundle & Save on your Roller Bottles


Step into a world of profound nourishment and enrichment with our bundle and save oil packs, where tranquility and spiritual vibes await to embrace your soul.

Embrace curiosity & excitement as you get to select your collection of any 5 roller bottles from the adult &/or child roller bottle range and recieve them for just $18 each!!  YES!!  I am giving YOU a generous $34 off the rrp for this offer for a limited time only!

Each Aromatherapy pulse point Roller Bottle is curated to create a particular purpose for each blend + all can be worn as  natural perfume alternative.

Select blends that resonate deeply within you, inviting you to indulge in rituals at home & on the go with our ready to use roller bottles.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our 100% natural, handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free Essential Oil blends.

These bundles are not just products; they’re an invitation to treat yourself often, to cherish moments of self-care, and to nurture your inner self. Let the fragrant aura of our oils be your guide as you embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment and self-love.

This is a incredible way to economically buy some gifts OR treat yourself to trial some of our beautiful roller bottles OR stock up on your faves!

Please include a note in the comment field of your cart and let me know which rollers you would like. If your choosing child rollers please remember to advise the childs age so I can make the roller bottle appropriate to their age.

spiritual vibrations and frequencies Bella Oils

High vibes | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Elevate your energy and enhance spiritual well-being with our high vibes essential oil roller bottle. This specially formulated blend of uplifting and grounding essential oils is designed to help you vibrate at a higher frequency, while acting as a natural mood booster. With 100% pure essential oils and infused crystals, it’s perfect for connecting to yourself spiritually.

Elevate your energy, promote inner peace, and attract positive energy into your life. Use it anytime, anywhere for a quick energy boost or to set intentions for the day. Experience a greater sense of well-being and attract positivity into your life today!

We previously had a essential oil blend called “mood lift”, i’ve recently made the recipe even more sensational and freshened it up with a name change that resonates more with my high vibe!

Also available in a natural essential oil room & body spray!



natural remedies for brain fog Australiahow to improve focus on work

Zero In | Concentration | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Boost productivity with our natural remedy for brain fog! Harnessing the power of essential oils like Peppermint, Bergamot, and Rosemary that can assist you maintain concentration and uplift your mood. 

Along with other many other symptoms brain fog is a huge side effect of my ME/CFS, I needed to create something that was a natural alternative to stimulants to to improve focus. For me, this new recipe:

  • Boosts mental clarity and alertness 
  • Helps improve productivity and performance 
  • Provides a natural and non-invasive solution for mental fatigue and lack of focus


If your looking for how to improve focus on work our ready to use essential oil roller bottle could be your new BFF study buddy!

When could you use our natural remedies for brain fog: 

  • In the office
  • studying
  • long drives


natural roll on perfume Australiavegan perfumes Essential Oil Roller Bottle

Flores fragrance | Essential Oil Perfume Roller Bottle



Indulge in the soft elegant floral tones of our FLORES FRAGRANCE Essential Oil Perfume Roller Bottle, a NATURAL ROLL-ON PERFUME. Our Luxury vegan perfume, crafted with so much love and intention, offers a calming experience reminiscent of warm spring nights in the garden. 

A beautiful floral bouquet of Geranium and Ylang Ylang flowers harmonizes with subtle citrus notes of Tangerine and Bergamot, while a touch of Peppermint adds an energizing and mood-lifting dimension. 

The Floral scented essential oils in this blend are well known for their hormone balancing properties which makes it an ideal blend to have on hand when experiencing PMS & menopause.  You can read more about this in the Key Oil properties TAB below.

All our vegan perfumes are conveniently sized for your purse, is free from harsh chemicals found in store-bought alternatives. Elevate your spirits, calm your emotions, and smell great with this versatile Essential Oil blend.

You are a goddess, you deserve to smell like one!



Custom Essential Oil Roller Bottle, Spray blend or Diffuser Oil

I have started my custom blend passion project this year and absolutely LOVE working with other gorgeous humans to create something their clients and community adore!

It’s perfect in gift bags for spiritual & wellness retreats, as a coaching gift, as a thank you for conferences and special events, to thank your loyal clients as a Christmas gift!  Some businesses choose to diffuse the blend for their customers to enjoy their unique signature scent!


All our products are proudly handcrafted,

natural, vegan & cruelty free