Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Blends

For Children

Bella Oils Children’s Roller Blends are a combination of essential oils and use fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil. Each blend is made to order according to your child’s age to ensure an effective and suitable potency.

Note that these products are not suitable for children under 12 months of age without professional consultation.

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kids essential oil blend for sleep Australiaessential oil blend for sleep Australia

Sleepy Time – Kids | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Are bedtime battles with your kids becoming a nightly challenge?

Tired of the daily struggle to get your little ones to sleep? Say hello to our Sleepy Time roller our signature essential oil blend for sleep. It’s a convenient addition to their bedtime routine, helping them effortlessly ease into a peaceful slumber.

Ever since my daughter was 2 years old, she’s followed the same nighttime ritual – straight after dinner, applying our Sleepy Time roller, (best applied 30 mins prior to bedtime) brushing her teeth, selecting a bedtime story, mediation then cuddles with mum and dad. She loves the gentle aroma that accompanies her sleep, and these moments have become an essential part of teaching her self-care with all-natural products.

The Essential Oils I have crafted in this blend have properties to; calm, soothe anxiety & aid in stress support

Child blends are made to order, please specify the child’s age in order comments to ensure I create an effective and suitable potency. Suitable for children from 12 months of age.

Lets make bedtime a peaceful process!


essential oil roller bottle australia.

Bundle & Save on your Roller Bottles


Step into a world of profound nourishment and enrichment with our bundle and save oil packs, where tranquility and spiritual vibes await to embrace your soul.

Embrace curiosity & excitement as you get to select your collection of any 5 roller bottles from the adult &/or child roller bottle range and recieve them for just $18 each!!  YES!!  I am giving YOU a generous $34 off the rrp for this offer for a limited time only!

Each Aromatherapy pulse point Roller Bottle is curated to create a particular purpose for each blend + all can be worn as  natural perfume alternative.

Select blends that resonate deeply within you, inviting you to indulge in rituals at home & on the go with our ready to use roller bottles.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our 100% natural, handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free Essential Oil blends.

These bundles are not just products; they’re an invitation to treat yourself often, to cherish moments of self-care, and to nurture your inner self. Let the fragrant aura of our oils be your guide as you embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment and self-love.

This is a incredible way to economically buy some gifts OR treat yourself to trial some of our beautiful roller bottles OR stock up on your faves!

Please include a note in the comment field of your cart and let me know which rollers you would like. If your choosing child rollers please remember to advise the childs age so I can make the roller bottle appropriate to their age.

calming product kidsnatural stress and anxiety relief

Calm The Farm – Kids | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Are you searching for effective Calm down techniques for children? From one parent to another – I feel you!

As well as teaching children the importance of self-care and emotions from a young age this beautiful essential oil roller bottle can act as a ready to apply relaxation method for kids.

So many customers approach me asking for essential oils for kids anxiety, after mastering the recipe for adults I created it in child strength – specific to their age.

As a mother I believe kids should be out playing & enjoying their life, not filling their little minds with worry. This could be just the friend they need to navigate life’s challenges with calm & confidence.



natural health remedies Australianatural immune booster Australia

Immune – Kids | Essential Oil Roller Bottle



Kick germs to the curb using the best of nature’s immune support tool kit!
Boost your natural immune system support with our ready to use Essential Oil Roller Bottle. 

We previously had a natural immune support blend called “fight the bugs”, ive recently made the new recipe even more effective and freshened it up with a relatable name change.

The pure Essential oil blend I have selected for this recipe can act as a powerful natural immune booster that helps fend off sickness. 

Ideal for parents trying to find a gentle tool for their lil cherubs to get sick less often. Throughout winter our 9 yr old pops this on every night as part of her night time self care rituals and 2 times daily if she feels like she’s feeling run down

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your kids out playing in the yard & missing less days of school and childcare?

Say goodbye to unwanted bugs and germies