Bought the luxe balm for my pregnant belly in hopes to nourish my skin and prevent as best as possible to get a lot of stretch marks. The luxe balm has worked amazingly and love that Kristen had suggested the product for me to use. Love that it is natural, love the scent and how it evenly spreads, just really love this product and will continue to use it even after pregnancy too.
Highly highly recommend Bella Oils 😄😄

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Tianna Valerie SadlerNewcastle, NSW

Bella Oil products are amazing! Im slowly adding them all to my collection. I love each and everyone for myself and 10yo daughter. She’s always used the calm the farm in situations at school where she might start to feel anxious (that ‘I have a pain in the belly ‘ experience) and also the sleepy time every night before bed. I recently purchased a zero in to help me study – she pinched it and had been using it at school and says it helps her listen and pay attention in class! I can’t argue with that, I’ll need to order another for myself!

Thank you Kristin for providing my family with a natural product I can trust.

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Nicole GleesonNewcastle, NSW

Bella Oils products, especially the “stiff and sore” roller and Magnesium spray, are AMAZING! Great fragrance, but more importantly they have given me relief from the pain of osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis.
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Tina EldridgeNewcastle, NSW

Our fur baby Jett is much calmer during storms when we use the Doggy Calm Spray..Highly recommend 🐾

Vicki PorettiNewcastle, NSW

Bella Oils have been a lovely addition to our household. I am particularly impressed with the Calm Doggy Spray! Our pup is a very active boy and can get overly excited when we have guests over. I spray it on his dog bed and he loves to lay on it and will have a rest. It smells lovely and Moose, our special furry guy, loves it too!

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Lexie LouNewcastle, NSW

After using the oils myself and how much my family and myself enjoyed them I thought I would try the calm doggy spray for my dog Lillie who is petrified of storms
It has calmed her right down and has definitely taken the edge off for her
Highly recommend the whole range
Thanks Kristen x
Great deals·Amazing results
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Brodie ButlerNewcastle, NSW

The calming dog spray is amazing. I tried it on my 10 year old pooch who is always so nervous and anxious of thunderstorms and fireworks. Definitely helped him calm down and i loved the smell of all the essential oils. Highly recommend!

Katy ChenNewcastle, NSW

I’ve always suffered with dry skin especially in the colder months which has made me resort to using steroid creams. When I was at the markets I decided to take a chance and get the luxe oil and give it a go, I’m so thankful not only have I stopped using the steroid cream but my face is absolutely loving it and absorbs every last drop I put on and wow the smell is so amazing
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Brooke GrovesNewcastle, NSW

I was not only excited to photograph your product but actually use it.
When I leave the house I feel our dogs get very anxious and because of that they chew everything and always make a mess everywhere. Since using the spray before we go out we return home to no mess. I tested this and didn’t use it when I went out once and I had a massive mess to clean up. It’s so refreshing to know that our dogs feel calmer more often then not!
Amazing results
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Aleesha WhiteNewcastle, NSW

My kids and I use these beautiful oils and they really help so much.
I use the ‘calm the farm spray’ and the kids have been using ‘sleepy time’ and ‘fight the bugs’.
Beautiful scents and so calming.

Lisa ZedSt Ives, NSW