Through my journey with Essential Oils, I have tried many, many, many diffusers with varying degrees of success. I have selected only the most effective diffusers to feature with my products, so that you can have confidence in your purchase.

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Calm The Farm Diffuser Blend

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Stress has become an everyday thing. It can freeze you in your tracks or set your pulse racing, but either one makes your day harder to get through.

Mother Nature sure knew there would be days like these, and I have created a calming scent from all the key ingredients to help you lower your stress, re-claim your calm & find balance. This versatile scent can be used as a roller, spray or softly diffused.

With the soft notes of Copaiba, Wild Orange, Blue Tansy and Ylang Ylang, this perfect blend of citrus and floral -yet lightly woody scent will help transport you to your place of Zen and you can get back to tackling the day, head-on

15mL recycled glass bottle with 5 mL Pure Essential Oils.

I experience first hand how challenging stress & anxiety can be, so I developed a Calm Range which includes; Essential oil roller bottles for adults  and children, a Calm the Farm spray & a  Calm me nasal inhaler





Alcyon Taiko ~ Essential Oil Diffuser

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My go-to diffuser!