Calm The Farm Spray (100mL)


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Contains a blend of essential oils that can help you feel more grounded and bring you a sense of calm.



Frankincense is known as the king oil – and for very good reason! Not only does Frankincense increase the benefits of the oils it is combined with, it also offers a host of health benefits on its own. These include helping to relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing negative emotions, boosting immunity and assisting with sleep. Its antidepressant propertied make it the perfect addition to the Calm the Farm spray

Blue Tansy Flower’s herbaceous aroma works quickly to ease the mind and quell stress and anxiety

Copaiba has similar healing properties as CBD. Copaiba can lighten the spirit and improve mood while also boosting respiratory health

Ylang Ylang promotes a positive outlook and it’s antidepressant properties create a calming effect


Spray in the room after a stressful situation where kids (or adults!) might need to settle down. It’s like a natural chill-pill!

This is one of my favourites and most used blends. I believe the star oil of this is the Copaiba Essential Oil sourced from the Amazon. This blend will not only calm you, it also has an abundance of positive benefits to the immune system which are especially valuable in times of stress.

Bella Oils also makes a Calm the Farm Roller Bottle which is available in adult or child strength. The roller bottles are fantastic to use in conjunction with the spray for those moments when you really need a calm down & de-stress.


DIRECTIONS:  Shake bottle to thoroughly mix the essential oils with the water base. Direct the spray towards the ceiling to ensure the mist can dissipate into the air and pump 5-10 sprays.




INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Premium Essential Oils; Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, Osmanthus Flower, Wild Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Mandarin Peel, Bergamot Peel, Tangerine Peel, Clementine Peel, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Copaiba, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Frankincense. Fractionated Coconut Oil, CCG (Solubiliser), Water.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 100mL amber glass spray bottle with cap and above listed ingredients.

KEEPING YOU SAFE: While great care is taken in developing the blends, all products are used at your own risk. Please remember we are all unique humans with different skin and tolerances.  We recommend that you complete a spot test several hours prior to using a product to its full application. If irritation is experienced whilst using Bella Oils products please seek immediate medical advice, discontinue use & advise Bella Oils of the situation. Please do your research prior to using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. For external use only. Keep out of reach from small children. Be cautious when applying near furniture or fabric. Use and store away from naked flames. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water. Always ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after application.


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