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Calm The Farm Spray (100mL)


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Contains a blend of essential oils that can help you feel more grounded and bring you a sense of calm.



Frankincense is known as the king oil โ€“ and for very good reason! Not only does Frankincense increase the benefits of the oils it is combined with, it also offers a host of health benefits on its own. These include helping to relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing negative emotions, boosting immunity and assisting with sleep. Its antidepressant propertied make it the perfect addition to the Calm the Farm spray

Blue Tansy Flower’s herbaceous aroma works quickly to ease the mind and quell stress and anxiety

Copaiba has similar healing properties as CBD. Copaiba can lighten the spirit and improve mood while also boosting respiratory health

Ylang Ylang promotes a positive outlook and it’s antidepressant properties create a calming effect

Happy Spray (100mL)


or 4 payments of $4.50 with Afterpay

Contains energising & invigorating scents to assist lifting your mood, energy and confidence. This blend can help โ€œPut a smile on your dialโ€.



Lavender‘s analgesic and antidepressant properties make it perfect for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere

Tangerine supports a healthy immune and respiratory system whilst also soothing anxious feelings and assisting with stress management

Amyris Bark has sedative and decongestant properties, and is particularly beneficial for relaxing muscles, calming your mind and minimising stress

Clary Sage provides an uplift for your mind and body using it’s relaxing and soothing properties

Room Spray (100mL)


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Use this spray to naturally freshen up any room or to mask unpleasant odours!



Lemongrasss scent has stress relieving properties while the oil itself is antibacterial and wards off insects

Lemon cleanses and purifies, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent that can boost your mood. Lemon also has antibacterial, antifungal and antival properties which makes it a popular essential oil for cleaning. These properties can assist in killing nasty germs and odours

Grapefruit is a mood balancer and uplifter. It also is believed to be simultaneously antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal

Magnesium Spray (100mL)


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This spray contains high quality magnesium and a particular blend of Essential Oils that can be rapidly absorbed through the skin to assist with muscle and joint discomfort.



Wintergreen is sourced from Nepal and provides relief for joint & muscle aches. It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a particularly effective treatment for discomfort.

Peppermints anti-inflammatory properties are known for relieving muscle and joint tenderness.

Frankincense has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain and inflammation

Lavender has a calming effect and promotes a positive outlook to help you battle the blues that can sometimes occur when your feeling discomfort.

Mosquito Spray (100mL)


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A natural, vegan and cruelty free mosquito repellent to protect you and your family.

Say goodbye to nasty deet and chemical packed aerosol cans!



Lemongrass’s scent has stress relieving properties while the oil itself wards off insects

Cedarwood is a natural insecticide

Lavender has natural chemical properties that can deter mosquitoes and other bugs. It can also have an analgesic effect, if you apply the mosquito spray after you have been bitten this can assist with the pain relief associated with the bite

Peppermint also contains natural properties that can ward off mosquitoes and other bugs