Lynette Miller – regular customer QLD

“Bella Oils help me sleep sooo much better. This morning i woke at 3.30am… tried so many things to get back to sleep, ie: relaxation techniques, beautiful music etc but it was not happening so i contemplated getting up at 4.30am to go to my computer and start work….this happens alot….then i remembered i had some Sleepy Time Bella Oils and put it on my pulse points and waited……5 minutes later (yes – I am impatient) i put more Bella Oils on my neck, wrists, base of feet etc and then i woke at 7am…..bloody fantastic sleep was had….I need to get back into my old habits of using Kristen’s Bella Oils…They work, they are fabulous, and did I mention they really do work. Keep up the great work Kristen Hayward”.