Kristen’s “Calm Doggy Spray” does seem to work. We have had thunderstorms for the past 3 days – most recent about ½ hour ago. Sahara (my Ridgeback x Mastiff) is lying at my desk calm and reasonably relaxed. During the storm she remained lying down – no panting, pacing, drooling. I know the spray I have from Kristen is for 26+kg but what I did was spray it on my hand, massaged into Sahara’s neck and upper back and then with a dry hand smoothed once over Milly’s (my cat) coat. Even she is calmer. Milly too is frightened of storms. Wow, it does seem to work. I have been minding dogs for “Don’t Fret Pet!” for many years and will be recommending this to a couple of my regulars who have anxiety issues during storms.